Motorcycle sale agreement form in Kenya pdf

Need to sell your Motorbike in Kenya? avoid doing shady backdoor business with no records/paperwork. Use this well laid out motorcycle sale agreement form to safely transfer/sell your motor bike in Kenya. The form has all the relevant fields and will streamline the sale process, ensuring there is solid paperwork for your reference, as well as to help in case the deal goes sour later on.

How much does the motorbike sale agreement pdf cost?

We do not charge anything for this document. Even if you do not know how to write a motorcycle sale agreement,  this bill of sale is readily available for you to plug and play. If you are looking for a motorcycle sale agreement format in word, that feature will soon be available for online filling and signing.

Another clever option we have included is the option to pay in installments. The amount per instalments will be agreed upon and filled in the respective available sections.

If you value time, always download your motorbike sale agreement, land sale agreements and other forms such as car sale agreement in Kenya from our site. In other countries, this document can also be referred to as a motorcycle bill of sale as is no warranty.

To ensure you get the file right away, I worked hard to ensure this download is automatic. There’s no need to wait for someone to manually send you the file through Email or WhatsApp.

All you have to do is click the download button below and your file will be saved in the downloads folder of your file manager.

How to Sell a Motorcycle in Kenya

When selling a motorcycle in Kenya, there are a number of factors that determine how much the selling price will be. These include:

  1. Sell the motorbike as the owner – Do not involve brokers or individuals at auction yards. They will commission their way from any amount your car could fetch.
  2. Advertise the motorcycle in popular classifieds sites as well as Facebook marketplace. While this is easy, many people go wrong in the next step.
  3. Write a comprehensive description outline the exact condition of your motorcycle. Generic terms like clean machine, well taken care of, single owner, etc.
  4. When it comes to photos, take good quality portrait photos of your bike. Most if not all of your buyers will be browsing classified sites including Facebook marketplace, Jiji and Craigslist on their phones. These devices have native portrait screen types, not landscape. Here is an example of a portrait photo. Not the best, but very easy on mobile screens:
motorcycle sale agreement form
Bajaj boxer BM 100 2nd gen 2008 model
  1. Once you find a potential buyer, negotiate the terms and see how much they are offering. If you are satisfied, sign a legally binding agreement, commonly called a motorbike sale agreement.

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