Form for upgrading PTE & ECDE certificate to diploma pdf

This is the form you need to fill in order to upgrade your  certificate to diploma, as released by the Ministry. Once you have downloaded it,

Here are the instructions on filling the upgrade form for a successful submission

First of all, the requirements:

  1. ECDE or PTE Certificate original and copies.
  2. Leaving certificate from the college you attended.
  3. Transcripts of at least two years from your college.
  4. KSCE Certificate
  5. Passport size photos (two of them).
  6. A copy of your National identity card (both sides).
  7. Your TSC Registration Certificate

Also, you will need to provide a letter showing adherence to good behavior and positive moral values. It is also paramount that you fill this document with utmost accuracy and honesty. Submitting of false information is a criminal offence punishable by law.