Data capture form for pre primary, primary and secondary schools

These instructions are to guide headteachers on how to prepare, record and submit data for the 2021 School Year which began in  July 2021. The scope of the data to be submitted include number of teachers by sex, learners’ enrolment per class disaggregated by sex, enrolment of learners with special needs per class disaggregated by sex, and basic infrastructure in the schools.

It is required that headteachers capture the total number of eligible learners for pre-primary, primary and secondary respectively based on official age of schooling for the respective levels. That is learners aged 4 years to 5 years in pre-primary, pupils aged 6 years to 13 years for primary and students aged 14 years to 17 years for secondary schools.

Kindly remember that you are also required to fill an online questionnaire, which can be accessed through this link

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